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I recently made a class, and would like some input on it.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kdm2pXQHCASkGe0gjdOwc_AZbSaET7AQ3p9AUxN 2f0s/edit?usp=sharing

(Just in case the Draco Soul link doesn't work) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CS27-jMEjXU8ZotL1BVcdcsi0rkG075ZYWLh8Pg w2fQ/edit?usp=sharing

I made this class to bring a non-caster character to be able to take on being a dragon (albeit temporarily). With it, I wanted to make the class make the character actually feel like a dragon at all times, hence the hybrid form feature. I also added what I believe will help with role playing, both in the what is described in the hybrid form feature and the Draco soul feature.

This is the first class I have ever made, so please be patient with me, and if I gave this class some thing that players really shouldn't have, please let me know what and why.

Here's a few other things:

1) There is not a lot of flavor text for the select able abilities. I plan to add flavor text later, after some input.
2) I do not give the class all good saves (bad reflex), despite its relation to dragons, who have all good saves. While it can make its reflex good through Heightened Reflexes, I didn't want to just flat out give three good saves to what is intended to be a realistically played class.
3) Similarly to the previous explanation, this class grants only four skill ranks instead of six, despite the dragon relation. There is an ability that grants an additional two skill ranks, but I didn't want to just give a class a ton of ranks just because I could.
4) I would like to request extra attention to the maximum amount of the Power Pool ability in relation to the rest of the class- do I give too many (and while I would disagree, too few?) points in this pool?
5) I feel like the level twenty capstone ability isn't all that good, or interesting, really. I was thinking of adding three options the character can take when he reaches this level, such as permanently increasing the Natural Armor feature by four or gaining another two of three Hybrid Form abilities, maybe a greater increase to strength, things like that. Input on this would also be welcome.

As a last mention, I am not perfect, and neither is this class that I made. If you think of something draconian that seems obvious and that I missed, please let me know (regardless of what it is). Even if you believe its application to be unoptimal, I'd like to add it.

Thanks to all ahead of time!

It would appear that the link I have provided is faulty. Here is it again:


I think it's strong, borderline "too strong", but playable.

My opinion, for what it's worth, is that you should use the Vampire Hunter class as a base, and model the abilities to be similar in power to those that are granted by the Vampire Hunter class.

Switching Undead features for Dragon features, and equally making them effective against their own kind... dragons instead of undead.

Possibly give extra bonuses if you are Kobold or Dragonborn... maybe in the form of Favored Class Bonus.

Possibly changing Inquisitor spells for Bloodrager spells, or similar.

Maybe give the option of class levels stacking with anything that gives you a Bloodline, to further role playing.

And obviously make it Arcane in nature, to get into the Dragon Discipline Prestige Class, if you want to go that route.

While I hope others will also come and provide input on this class, these are some good points.

1) Understandable. To reduce its power, I could give less Hybrid Form abilities, reign in the stats bonuses for dragon shape, and maybe adjust the power pool.

2) I do not plan on using vampire Hunter as a base, the ideas are not at all similar to me.

3) While #2 sort of covers this, the vampire focused can be a decent idea of what level of power things should be. For things of greater power, I'll have to think of a way to decrease them, or put a level minimum on them.

4) I plan on adding favored class bonuses, but not in the immediate future.

5) Spell casting only increases power, and I don't want to have spells as a base part of the class. I've also been considering removing the sorcery gift, as that would grant access to things like mirror image, a spell any combat class wants to have.

6) This one is a good idea, I'll have to think about what it would fall under.

7) See previous comments 2 and 5.

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