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Couldn’t help but notice that the Vanguard from from 8 HP & SP per level in the play test to 7 in the final release.

I know it’s only a max of a 20pt difference (that’s at max level) but it still bums me out. I was hoping to get an actual Starfinder class equivalent to d12 classes like barbarian. Anyone know a reason for this nerf on what is basically made out to be the dedicated tank of Starfinder?

Also, swapping Physical Science for Stealth as a class skill on a vanguard? Wtf?

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Probably just a tweak because they're durable enough anyway, and the extra hp/sp per level was unnecessary. My playtest version vanguard spent a total of 2 resolve on regaining stamina over the course of an AP book. Signal of Screams 1 isn't the heaviest combat adventure, but that's still a bit absurd.

As for physical science, it makes sense as a class skill with the flavor of the class, and with physical science being the associated skill for at least one aspect.

Also, of all the classes, Vanguard is likely to have the highest Con score, and so will likely have the highest stamina while barely even trying.

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