Minor nitpick about Nudge Fate wording

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I think the writing on how the spell works needs a small revision. As written when you chose misfortune, the target doesn't save immediately but on their next appropriate roll rolls twice. After they roll twice then they make a will save, which on a failure must use the lower roll, but doesn't state which to use on a success. This means whoever is under the effect would have to state which of the dice is the "original" roll to be taken on a success. I think it would be a lot cleaner if when choosing misfortune the target saved immediately to negate the effect even if this would be a very minor functional change and perhaps take slightly more words.

If you roll twice rather than rolling two at the same time, you know which is the original roll.

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I'm seeing this, and we'll give it a look for the final!

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I think it also needs to be called out somehow that you must declare what you are nudging even if they wait till later to roll the save. When we playtested we waited and I almost forgot what I picked...

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