Advise wanted on converting pf1 NPCs to pf2


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I'm in the process of converting some npc codex NPCs to pf2. The issue I have run into is the level conversion. My understanding is pf1 level should convert to pf2 monster level basically 1 to 1. However the NPCs in pf1 of course we're built on cr = level -1. So should I convert them as cr of pf1 = creature level of pf2, or convert them as pf1 level = creature level of pf2? The cr= pf2 level seems to match up better that level to level in terms of stats. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

CR to level would be more accurate, but sometimes spellcasters are made specifically to have access to that spell level, and that'd cause some issues. It's a call you'll have to make on case by case, and I ran into it a couple times already. It depends on what you want to convert FOR, rather than just what you want to convert.

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