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Better Lies:

In the ending of my Kingmaker campaign, I plan to have two epilogues, one that will finalize the kingdom building and the setting for 30 years after the end of the campaign.

I have building the players relationship with Brevoy, to the point that they helped foster the Crown Prince in hiding, and when civil war broke out brought the prince home and saw him placed on the throne as king.

In my epilogue they will face off against Choral the Conqueror. Everything I’ve read states Choral Rogravia was a human, but is the Red Dragon Choral the Conqueror. I’ve built this up, alluding to it throughout the two year campaign, so when he appears it will be a fun reveal.

However, I have one more. The once Crown Prince, and now king has the blood of the Rogavias in him, being a Suratova. I gave him the background feat of having dragon blood/heritage, but its my plan to have him go full red dragon during the fight with Choral.

Here’s my issue. In Pathfinder dragons are dragons, they use magic to become humans. As I’m not a huge expert I’m turning to you all for advice, how should I do this?

1. Hand wave - Rogarvia dragons have something different, and their blood can lie dormant, allowing them to live as humans until its activated.

2. Perhaps there is some rules I am missing that would allow this.

3. Don’t do it.

Thank you in advance

For me, the most important thing as a GM is to remember the Rule of Cool. If its cool, then its generally ok. On top of that, you always have Rule 0 to fall back on too.

So in sum, I'd say do it because its cool and doesn't in any way break the game.

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There is some traffic going from humanoid to dragon-like. For example a sorcerer with the draconic bloodline. Add on the Dragon Disciple prestige class, which gives one some dragonic traits. There's also the "form of the dragon" spells, which turn you into a dragon.

Maybe the bloodline has form of the dragon as an innate spell-like ability, or maybe Choral is a Dragon Disciple, or maybe he's managed to make his dragon transformation permanent, or maybe he's a dragon pretending to be human and his descendants are part-dragon. As Gargs454 says, go with whatever works for your story.

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