Pathfinder Society Character 'Field Commission? Still possible? How?


I've recently come to Pathfinder after many other game systems and genres. First time playing a fantasy RPG for about 20 years actually.

Anyway, playing a dwarf fighter. Have read a pile of the lost omens background and fluff. Wondering if you can 'join' the pathfinder society 'in game' as the only info I can find in 2E is that you need to come from Absalom for the Feat 2 Dedication... (Pg 23 Lost Omens World guide).

Is there any other way to take up affiliation with the society during your campaign?


You apply, take some tests, and become an initiate for three years.

The Wiki is a fantastic source for stuff like this.

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? Are you talking about organized play or in normal play?

Field commissions are still an alternative for the normal training process.

Note that you don't need the Pathfinder Agent Dedication to be a pathfinder agent. The former is an entirely optional mechanical benefit of the latter.

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