Seeking Warpriest / Sacred Fist Build


Seeking advice on a build for a Sacred Fist archetype of the Warpriest.

Couple requirements -
1) Has to be a pure Warpriest/Sacred Fist Build.

2) No Crusader's Flurry, going completely Unarmed with the Flurry of Blows feature.

Character already has a background for role-playing purposes.
Race: Half Orc
Stats: 18 STR, 14 DEX, 12 CON, 12 INT, 14 WIS, 7 CHA
Deity: Cayden Cailean
Blessings: Good & Travel.

Born and Raised in Geb. Living in the back of a tavern, considered one tiny step above the chattel, with the help of some Lay Priests of Cayden Cailean, was smuggled out of Geb.
Was drawn to the more militant side of worship I became a warpriest (might have been the orc blood in me), problem was Rapiers just did not feel correct when I tried using them. Was more a fist-a-cuffs or hit them over the head with a big axe type person.

Looking for Feats and suggested gear (under 15,000gp - character will probably go no higher then level 11).

Did a quick look with search already. Almost everything I found is years old, multi-classed, or has been before errata changes.

As far as items go you're going to want handwraps even more than usual because a sacred fist (unlike a monk) can't get magic weapon cast on their unarmed strikes as a stopgap. Note, handwraps not an amulet of mighty fists. They're cheaper and you don't have unarmed strikes which use other body parts like an unchained monk's style strikes.

You get a bonus style feat at level 6 with no prereqs bypassed. That means a style which has +4 BAB or lower as a prereq. Dragon style is an option, so are a bunch of others including boar style, crane style demonic style and octopus style. Crane and octopus are defensive, dragon and demonic favor charging, boar is good when you're in the enemies' faces and can flurry. If you go with boar remember to get a trait which switches intimidate from Cha to Int.

If you want suggestions on feats beyond that it'd be easiest if you suggest which style you like best - each style points a slightly different way.

I don't think there are any good style feat chains (because the archetype just had to replace the 9th level bonus feat...), unless you want to spend additional feats (for instance, Dragon Ferocity requires Stunning Fist, which you don't get as a bonus feat). Boar Style line could work with some investment.
There are some style feats that work fairly well as stand-alone feats, but something to consider is that most style feats require you to enter their stance - that's a swift action, something usually spend on Fervor first round of combat. I'd thus suggest style feats that don't require you to enter their stance, namely Jabbing Style and Pummeling Style.
For other feats, Possessed Hand is an easy choice.

avr wrote:
As far as items go you're going to want handwraps even more than usual because a sacred fist (unlike a monk) can't get magic weapon cast on their unarmed strikes as a stopgap.

Handwraps. Right concept, wrong reason. Apart from the half cost, a Sacred Fist also really wants the neckslot for Amulet of Natural Armor (whereas a Monk has the Barkskin ki power), and the ability to add different material, because your Ki Pool class feature is 3 levels behind (i.e. cold iron and silver at 10th level). Magic Fang still works, by the way.

Turn that 12 INT into 15 WIS, add your first +1 to it.

If you want more skill ranks, get the corresponding Half-Orc racial traits and the Cunning Feat. But having 16 WIS vs 14 WIS makes a world of difference.

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I want to be clear that you realize you can make a very good unarmed warpriest without having to take the Sacred Fist archetype.

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