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Hello all,

I'm wondering when the design 'switch' happened when they went from the 4-players assumption to 6-players? I'm starting Strange Aeons soon and I'm wondering if it's for 4 or 6 players...


..beginning of book says:

“In Search of Sanity” is designed for
four characters and uses the medium
XP track."

I believe it also means 15-pt. buy...

All APs assume 15 point buy and 4 players.
What makes you think they switched it to 6 players?

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IIRC a while back PFS switched scenarios to being designed for six characters. Is that what you were thinking of? AFAIK APs have always been 4 PCs and 15-point buy.

That's great news then... don't want to take too many players in that AP. I've just seen a lot of PbP using six PCs for APs now... thought the design had shifted along the way.

Thanks for clarifying!

Scenarios in Seasons 0 through 3 were designed for four characters, starting with Season 4, scenarios were designed for six characters and contained methods to adjust for tables with four players.
PFS is 20 point buy rather than the 15 that APs and modules assume.

Recommended size for a fresh pickup group is 5-6, because it’s likely that 1-2 players will drop after the first couple of sessions.

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