Unbreakable Goblin


I was thinking this ancestry was really funny.

Any thoughts on how to maximize the idea of being an super tough little goblin?

Monk came to mind but I wasn't sure if attributes and being small were too much of an issue...

Sorcerer seems most compatible with Goblin but then seems like the concept doesn't work as well...

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Animal Barbar with monk dedication and toughness.

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Being small is not a mechanical issue for a melee this edition. Small weapons do the same amount of damage and goblins don't get a strength penalty, so you'll be as effective as a front-liner of any other ancestry.

Wisdom flaw on monk is not nearly as detrimental as in 1e, because you don't get WIS to AC anymore. In fact, unless you get a few specific ki powers it's safe to ignore WIS for the most part.

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My -2003 PFS PC is an Unbreakable goblin monk.

He's a solid combatant, even with his Wis 8.

The hardest part for him is adhering to his promise (to Irori) not t play with fire anymore.

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A melee-focused ranger (key ability Dex, decent Str, Flurry edge, Twin Takedown with dogslicers) also works pretty well; good AC, two attacks with one action vs. selected prey, and tough.

A barbarian with Adopted Ancestry (Dwarf), Mountain's Stoutness, Toughness, and Unbreakable-er Goblin can have quite a few hp. Along with the Bouncy Goblin, Quick Jump, Powerful Leap, Wall Jump, and Cloud Jump feats, you can (literally) bounce all over the place (Daffy Duck impressions optional).

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The new Swashbuckler seems like a good fit, especially with the Bouncy Goblin feat that gives you a +2 circ bonus to checks to tumble through.

A Champion with the Rough Rider Ancestry feat could have a wolf companion to help him or her kick holy ass. Sounds like fun to me.

Cat fall let's him fall 30 feet with no damage, depending on when you apply the fall reductions

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