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So my PCs just encountered Vaddrigan Pol, and he escaped alive. This isn't the first baddie to escape the PCs, Earl Vernisant did similar in the Birthright Betrayed prequel session I ran, and they won the verbal duel against Count Lotheed, leaving him alive (he could be broken out of imprisonment).

What I'd like to do is set up essentially a league of evil that holds a grudge against the party specifically for defeating them and forcing them out of power. Rallied by Duke Panivar Lotheed, I think it would make a fun and interesting added encounter in Zimar in Book 4 to face off against an assembled party of 10th level villains they've fought before, while serving to reinforce the threat of the Immaculate Circle.

The question is, would this work better as a stand-alone encounter in Zimar (don't want to blow their cover, but given this party's track record they'll probably do that themselves), or is there an equivalent encounter to a 10th level Cavalier on a lion mount, 10th level Mesmerist, and 8th level magus that I could sub in somewhere in the book? I'm currently drawing a blank.

Hm. If you keep them as is, I'd probably use them either as encounters on the route to Zimar or as an encounter in Zimar itself as an attack on their "secret base" between missions in the city, somewhat akin to Tombus Regegious in Hell's Rebels (A Song of Silver, to be specific). Could be a good way to keep the players on their toes, especially if they haven't been careful about concealing their actions and whereabouts.

That said, what I might think of as being a little more interesting would be to have them appear in Breezy Creek. If Kalbio is with the party, it gives Vernisant a chance to "finish what the Grand Prince started" for one. Furthermore, considering the events of the previous book there's plenty of newly unclaimed territory for any sufficiently influential noble to dig into. From an implementation standpoint you could have them be an manipulative force on Viscount Yemis Avenlar, countering the PCs own efforts. This would give you a fair amount of wiggle room to turn the encounter into a debate, a battle of influence, or a straight up fight (or all three). In that situation I might even try modifying the Breezy Creek social mission to be more like the final influence battle in Oppara from book 6, so that you can test out those mechanics in advance and give players an actual threat to square off against before they reach the tomb.

The downside here is that at their current levels they wouldn't be the toughest lot. That said, you can always give them a few levels or even bolster their numbers with survivors from book 4. If Milon survives he'd make an excellent leader and tie-in with the Circle.

The only other good spots I could think to put them would be in the Circle hideout itself as various additional minions in the fights (or guinea pigs for the circle's experimentation), or during Part 3 of Book 6 as a group gunning for the party's heads, effectively replacing or supplementing the Cullver’s Cold Steel encounter (though if you did that you'd need to seriously buff them).

Hope that's helpful!

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