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Draw boundary is a very strange spell. Among other things, it allows you to protect a circular area -- of a particular circumference.

I can think of no other spell in Pathfinder or D&D that does the same thing. Everything is determined by radius/diameter.

Incidentally, a circle of circumference 20 has a diameter of about 6 feet, so it's not even a 10x10 square when you first get it. Rounding down, you can only protect a single 5x5 square.

This is a level 6 focus spell with the ability to stop a creature of a type of your choosing from entering a single 5x5 square or, admittedly, crossing a 20 ft line, but let's compare that to the other level 6 spells?

Ice Tomb causes massive cold damage and progressively slows the target. Death Curse, well, inflicts a nasty curse that can lead to death. Restorative Moment fixes Doomed and Drained which are very nasty conditions so it's a nice restorative spell, and could well be clutch if a foe is putting out the doomed condition on folks.

This is weaksauce, and more notably it breaks the normal way spells are done.
It would be better to have a different size rule for a circle instead of a line -- make it a 5 ft radius circle or a 20 ft line.

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Its also very bad and easy to break. And also I don't know how the witch is actually drawing the line once it does get bigger. They'd have to leave their space, but its a THREE action spell.

I get the theme they're trying to go for, but Bob the Demon can just say 'smudge it or I'll kill you' to any passing bystander and its gone. (fey can likely persuade animals or summon animals to do it].

Or a horde of minions can try and are statistically likely to pass and disarm it. Its a downright terrible use of a feat, focus point and full round of actions.

Any other major lesson (and some greater lessons) are a better choice.

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Yes, I agree. I wanted to draw particular attention to the very strange wording, but it's also definitely underpowered compared to other level 6 hexes. Simply having it function as "Circle of Protection against (thing)" would make it more functional.

I definitely agree that this hex needs some buffing. When I created my witch character I was going to grab it, and maybe I will at a higher level, but it didn't seem very powerful and seemed very simple to break.

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