Shield cantrip vs. acid flask


How does the shield cantrip work against someone throwing an acid bomb. The bomb only does persistent damage, so I wouldn't think the shield's hardness would have any effect ?

I mean the bomb also does 1 splash damage I believe (or mroe depending on bomb level)
Which I assume is what it goes with

So is there any way the 'shield' could stop an acid flask from hitting you?

Uh. I think only the shield raise thingy to add +1,2 (and whatever tower shield gives I forget) to make it not hit you..
but the actual blocking damage effect won't help with the persistent portion that you get hit with.

I think Tower Shield's cover effect would possibly help but I don't know tower shield stuff enough off hand nor the cover rules of fhand. Would have to re-look those up

The shield can block the direct damage part (1) and the splash damage part (1-3, or Int(+1-3) for alchemist). But not the persistent part of it.

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