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So hey everyone! I'll be playing/running the carrion Hill module this weekend and would like your opinion about the two tentative builds I've so far.

Firstly lets get some context regarding the rules and stuffs, we'll use 20 point build and two traits, only core and featured races are avalible, starting level is 5 and as I understood we won't level up soon, we also get average wealth, 10500 gp if I remember correctly to spend in whatever we want, samurai, ninja, anti-paladin and gunslinger -with the exception of crossbow ace- aren't usable, neither we're looking with kind eyes at any build that focused at summoning, having 1d4+1 or more monsters running around the battlefield tends to slow our games, lastly both rogue and monk are unchained, barbarian is optional.
All Paizo published material is accepted.

So... My two possible build, both are generalist skill monkey gishes.

A- Half-elf Archeologist Bard, this guy isn't the best at dealing damage but the luck bonus to saves and his bonus to skills are great, with five levels I got 3 feats to work with as well as skill focus, feats are: SF perception, W. finesse, W. focus: Rapier, level 4 rogue talent combat trick: Fencing Grace and toughness.
The biggest draw of the build is take fate's favored trait to boost your luck, overall it has nice saves, ok damage output and is amazing at perception and knowledge skills.

B- Tiefling Empiricist Investigator, This one doesn't get as many bonuses as the bard but is even more sad when it comes to skills, he uses STR rather than DEX and all of his feats are devoted to improve his combat prowess, combar reflexes, power attack and furious focus, allows him to power attack at no penalty and move around at reach using a two handed weapon, throw in a few AoO per round and a long lasting buff like mutagen or a enlarge person/longarm and he's a beast.

IMO The bard has a better form of spells since he doesn't need to take infusion to buff the party but the investigator has mutagen and studied combat which makes him much batter at fighting and skill wise both do a nice job as the skill monkey, HP are about the same if you don't put toughness in the equation and I think that the bard wins in AC due to his higher DEX but then again mutagen also boost AC...

And that's about it, any suggestion or ideas? which one do you think is better for this module and in a generalist way, like for PFS in which you must be ready to handle as many roles as possible?

Grand Lodge

Empiricist Investigator with strength and combat ref has been amazing in my experience. Though I like the bard, I much prefer this is you want to play a 3/4 bab melee class. For me trading a group buff for a selfish one even if the low-level action economy is better in not worth it.

I think infusion is a small price to pay to be a prepared caster that can make and extract in 1 min. This is amazing mid-dungeon when an unexpected obstacle arises or you realize that the enemies are different then you expected and you want different buffs available.

Mutagen, shield, mithril breastplate barkskin the investigator should come out ahead in AC. Inspiration on saves is a god send. Don't forget alter self, monstrous physique 1?2 which destroy with a strength investigator.

The Exchange

on the same lines of the Investigator, I rather like an Alchemist (Chirurgeon/CryptBreaker Archetype)...

I considered cryptbreaker but empiricist investigator is overally better at skills for the sadness and I personally prefer the archeologist flavor.

And yeah, I miss inspire courage x.x

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