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Probably somewhere I've missed several times or a poor question. I'm looking for what exactly would considered contact with an object with a use by contact trigger.

Example I have in mind: The object is hung above a winged character in question and they decide to be clever. Instead of reaching up with the hand to touch it, they might rest the joint of their wing on it. They attempt to use the item's ability through that form of contact.

Would this be considered an acceptable form of contact or would it have to be effectively presented by hand or similar appendage?

Hopefully I've worded that well and thanks in advance for any help with this.

What is the object in question?

If momentary contact is all that's required, a light tap with a wing should suffice, but I would call for a Fly check (you need them wings to do their thing to stay in the air, not tapping stuff)

If contact needs to be maintained, there is no flying and touching something with a wing.

If the object needs to be manipulated in some way, that's even less possible.

It really depends on the object. If it specifically justs says 'touching' or 'contact' then touching it with your wing should work.

Otherwise, most magic items require you to be able to manipulate them which, as the rules are typically written from a humanoid use perspective, would usually mean hands (obviously since you didn't specify an item, we can't tell).

So,theoretically you could manipulate an object like a wand even if you were juggling it since it's in your hands regularly, but I wouldn't let you use one while balancing it on your nose or juggling it with your feet like a hacky-sack.

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