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So I just finished on Roll20 filling up my Evil Druids Spellbook from lvl 0-9 (Took me a little over a month to finish)

Now Ive copied the character sheet and have made a Default template Druid spellbook for all Future Druids and find myself trying to find all the [Good] Descriptor spells in the whole of non 3rd party content.

Just to verify these are all of the spells that a Druid can use that are [Good] Correct?

Accept Affliction Druid 3
Greater Black Tentacles Druid 6
Burst of Radiance Druid 2
Eagle Aerie Druid 6
Hallow Druid 5

Also mantle of the magic warriors. Aon's custom spell search works for this. The original name of greater black tentacles is Jatembe's ire BTW.

There's at least one archetype which allows access to cleric spells with that descriptor, and some domains accessible via archetypes which could help too.

Thanks Im just looking for base 1st party druid spells

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