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Hey folks, figured I'd make a thread as I don't know if one exists already, for those who like making bestiary types or musing on the possibilities. I figured as an unusual 1st level challenge in a game that's starting off rather idyllic, I'd make the PCs have to catch chickens that are all over a little village surrounded by stone walls.

What are some good chicken catching challenges that use various skills? I'm already thinking a kid might have grabbed a chicken and decided to keep it (Diplomacy or Deception roll!)

Does anyone have, or want to make, a 2.0 chicken bestiary entry?

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Why not use the animal companion stats for birds on page 215 of the CRB? Remove the fly speed and increase the land speed and you're good to go.

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Nothing in the bestiary even comes close to how insignificant a chicken is, and the bird from the CRB represents a bird of prey (a small sized one, which is roughly equivalent in size to the largest birds of prey to currently exist on earth) so I tinkered around and got this. Even this stat block is probably too generous for the capabilities of a chicken. (It is really difficult to design an interesting statblock for something as pathetic as a chicken, given that the weakest monsters in the bestiary could each probably slaughter an entire flock of chickens)

Chicken Level -2
Tiny Animal
Perception +0
Skills Acrobatics +1
Str-2 Dex+2 Con-1 Int-5 Wis-2 Cha+0
Speed15 feet, fly 5 feet
Melee♦ Peck +1 (finesse) Damage 1d4-1 piercing (min 1)
Melee♦ Talons -1 (agile, finesse) Damage 1 slashing
CluckFree Action Trigger: The chicken is about to make its first attack roll of the round Result Roll a d4. On a result of 1, the Chicken clucks uselessly and takes the step action in a random direction instead.
Run Around Like A Headless Chook♦♦ The chicken strides twice, each time in a random direction. Attacks of opportunity triggered by this movement take a -5 to hit.

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Suggested locations for chickens:

Trapped at the bottom of a well.
Cornered by a Fox.
Stuck up a tall tree.
About to be turned into dinner by a cook.
Angrily chasing a thief.

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Looks more like a Dire Chicken to me! <g>

More seriously, you could make this a simple Acrobatics check, rather than needing a full stat block.

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Bow before my fowl wrath, puny humans!

Hmmm... Why "idyllic", why not Chickens meet Hitchcock's The Birds?

Summon Chickens
Occult Evil
Duration 1 day or until reduced to Level -1
You summon 30' diameter swarm of Chickens (it can reduce in size automatically to fit small spaces), which automatically attempt to follow you and moves as directed with Concentrate action (up to 30' per round). The swarm deals 1d6 Piercing damage to all creatures in area. Crit Fail imposes Blindness, although Medicine check (10 minutes) can remove this (same DC). Swarm has Mindless trait.
Melee weapon attacks VS it's DC reduce it's Level by 1 (2 on Critical), Ranged weapon attacks reduce it's Level by 1 only on Critical Success, Damage Dealing Area Attacks reduce it's Level by 2 on Success (3 on Critical, 1 on Failure if would normally do half damage) until it is destroyed when reduced to Level -1, but Critical Failure to melee attack it, or if it Critically Saves vs Touch Spell, triggers additional Save vs it's Effect.
Every Level it is reduced yields a meal for one normal sized humanoid, cooking usually still required. Anybody who eats these chickens must make Will Save, on Failure they lose ability to speak and can only "make chicken sounds" until they succeed on daily Saving Throw. On Critical Failure they gain the Mindless trait and become minion of the Chicken King (see Chicken King minion trait) and also gain the ability to cast Summon Chickens 1/day as Innate Spell heightened up to half their level, and normal Success on daily Save to remove the effect only returns them to the normal Fail condition ("chicken sounds") although Critical Success ends all effects.

Heighten(+1): add 1d6 damage

...Okay fine, it needs some editing work, go ahead and peck me to death... ;-P

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acrobatics? a chicken is roosting on a thin plank at a pier or on top of a building.
Arcana? a chicken has gotten itself caught in the local wizard's trap to keep out pests
Athletics? one chicken is just wandering aroudn town running from any of the PCs if they get close.
Crafting? chicken is caught in a snare
Deception? you can 'borrow' a chicken from another local farm and turn it in.
Diplomacy? you can see if you can get the local guard to help by setting up a trap
intimidation? chicken being hounded by a dog and is hiding under a porch, scare the dog away.
Lore(chicken) can help with any chicken related problems
medicine? one of the chickens has apparently been MURDERED!? oh wait it's only playing dead
Nature? a dog is carrying around a live chicken, must get the dog to drop it.
Occultism? One of the chickens has ate some flowers left at a grave and has created a haunt that follows the chicken.
Performance? one of the chickens always comes and listens to a specific famous tune played on a flute
Religion? there is a local prophecy that will help the PCs find some of the chickens, but must be deciphered with a religion check.
Society? can help you get some chicken feed for free to lure chickens
Stealth? one chicken is easily startled and if not snuck up upon (and put a little helmet on it's head) will die of fright
Survival? one chicken has wandered into the woods and needs to be tracked
Thievery? a troll has taken one of the chickens and has it on it's belt(and is mostly just confused by all forms of deception, intimidation and diplomacy), it will not trade the chicken for anything and must be pickpocketed.

this was fun.

I love the wizard's pest trap idea! That's hilarious. I also love brainstorming ideas by taking all of the skills for inspiration.

Also I'm definitely ganking that stat block! Here's hoping the chicken wins. I'm gonna add a brooding chicken that has laid an egg, so they have to fight it without killing it.

This will be the most epic session yet! XD

Local prophecy on chicken-finding ... man, there's a whole campaign we could build around this!

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Use familiar stats without a character for them to be familiars for.


They should have some sort of intimidation effect, every time I got one of our chickens mad it comes at me all scary like

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Kennethray wrote:
They should have some sort of intimidation effect, every time I got one of our chickens mad it comes at me all scary like

i know, i saw the stat block and thought "oh, this person has never interacted with chickens before", it's fine i understand public perception, but they can be mean.

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