Best way to get pounce on a Warpriest?


I'm got a Feral Champion Warpriest and I just realized that even with 4 natural attacks at level 2 (Kistune and a single level of Adaptive Shifter), with possibly 3 more later from some items, it doesn't matter too much since moving means only being able to use one at a time.

So I was wondering how I would get pounce on my build? There's Vulpine Pounce but you can't get it until BAB 10, which for a WarpriestX/Shifter1 is level 12. And the Greater Beast Totem rage power requires 10 levels of Barbarian which I don't want to do.

Are there any other ways?

Vulpine Pounce is a [Combat] feat and can be selected as one of the Warpriest bonus feats, which count his BAB bonus equal to his level. You can easily nab it at level 10, provided your 9th level of Warpriest is taken at 10th level

You can get pounce from 4 levels of shifter, yes? Various polymorph spell options, 4 druid levels, kind of mounted skirmisher from 1 level of Sohei monk.

Oh yeah, I forgot the Warpriest counts levels as BAB. And Shifter is full BAB so that works.

If you're talking about the Major Aspect, the Adaptive archetype loses that. There aren't many ways to get Tail Slap so I don't want to lose that.

The Tail Slap from your shifter level would still be a secondary attack, no? Not a very attractive dip.
Would probably be better to check out the Alternate Natural Attacks table and see what Aspects have uncommon alternate attacks. Talons, Stings and Pincers are Primary attacks available to you.

As for the pounce option, Vulpine Pounce seems like the easiest and cheapest option available. Doesn't mesh well with a Warpriest though, since you'll want to use your swift actions for Fervor.

Heather 540 wrote:
So I was wondering how I would get pounce on my build?

Use your Wild Shape ability to polymorph into something with pounce, which you can do starting at 9th level (of Warpriest).

I'd like to keep to what a fox-like character can actually do. Foxes can bite and claw and it's not unreasonable to imagine them slapping you with a thick tail. Though Talons are really just claws on the feet so that's not too bad.

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