Curse of the DC143C Throne (Possible Spoilers for CotCT)


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So I've been working on a bit of an experiment that I think the folks here would be interested in. On another site, I'm running Curse of the Crimson Throne: Anniversary Edition as a PBP Starfinder game. Story-wise, the party is a group of castaways from a possible future non-magical Earth that had their colony ship pulled into good ol'Golarion's orbit and destroyed by various supernatural/technological shenanigans.

I'll likely be figuring out tweaks to make to the old Pathfinder encounters to make them closer to CR for the Starfinder PCs as I go. This thread is mostly for anyone that wants to follow my observations and maybe as a space to workshop and discuss a few ideas here and there. Of course, given the speed at which PBP moves, there might be considerable time before updates here. The party has just gotten to the end of a dramatic prologue I had planned for them and are about to start the first book.

For reference, the party consists of...
-An Uplifted Bear Solarian
-A Human Soldier
-A Human Technomancer
-A Lashunta Envoy (reflavored as an AI in a biological chassis)
-An Android Mechanic
-A Skittermander Mystic (reflavored as a genetically modified pet that had been hiding their sentience)

Mechanical tweaks to be tested:
-Starfinder weapons target Pathfinder touch AC if the target is not wearing magical armor.
-Wealth from encounters to be adjusted according to a factor derived from the two games' wealth by level charts
-Pathfinder enemies with iterative attacks will instead multiply their weapon damage die by the number of attacks they could make with that weapon as long as the weapon is magical. They will otherwise follow the Starfinder rules for full attacks.
-Pathfinder weapons will have the 'Arachic' tag unless magical.

It goes without saying that there may be inadvertent spoilers for Curse of the Crimson Throne in this thread.

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