PFS2: What level are the upcoming scenarios / quests planned to be?

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If you made a character with playtest credit to start at a higher level, you may have already out-leveled the currently published adventures. And even if you started as a brand-new level 1 character, if you've used that one character to successfully complete all the currently published scenarios and quests, you're 1 XP / one quest shy of fourth level, and at that rate will have "out-grown" level 1-4 adventures by January.

Since some of the boons acquired state that they'll have an effect in future adventures, could we get some idea of what levels the upcoming scenarios and quests are intended to be? It would be unfortunate to acquire such a boon on one character only to have him out of level range for the intended continuation by the time that is published. Since the adventures for the first season have likely all been assigned to authors already, I'd assume that levels for these have probably been planned out (barring unforeseen circumstances, of course). Or maybe if not for the entire rest of the season then at least for the next months.

I totally understand that we're not going to have one continouus career playing all published material with just one character and that there need to be plenty more low-level adventures. But some idea to allow for some planning ahead while the total number of available adventures is still low would be nice.

Thx! :)

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It's been distributed for Con sign-ups that 1-08 is a 1-4, 1-09 is a 3-6, and 1-10 is a 1-4 repeatable. I don't know about any others though.

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My -2001 is currently going Slow Track, but even then he'll hit level 5 after two more adventures.

I want my -2002 to be a lizardfolk, so I guess I'll just put my play on hold for a while.

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I would be in favor of a slower leveling progression, pretty much ignoring XP you could get from modules and APs and maybe even quests.

That ist mostly because I see players wanting to try out new characters and we often have players that chose to create new characters when they play in tier 1-4 to not make things less enjoyable for new players with level 1-2 characters.

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Warhorn is showing 1-09 to be a 3-6. The blurb for it looks interesting.

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As an organizer/GM, how are you locating the scenarios on Warhorn? I've been creating custom scenario descriptions.

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Type PFS2 in the Global Scenario locator. I think it will give you 1-00 through 1-11 right now.

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As well as the 5 quests if you scroll down far enough.


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