Combination Feats and Weapon Focus Pre-requisite

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I was looking at the Combination Feats today. Some of them require weapon focus with a weapon that does a certain kind of damage. At a glance I would assume that you can only use the feat with the weapon you've taken weapon focus in. However, when I was looking at them closer I noticed that it isn't how it's worded.

Am I right in thinking that you can use any weapon to make use of the feat so long as it's a qualifying weapon?

That is, if I took weapon focus Dagger, and the feat Thousand Cuts. I could then make use of the feat with a longsword?

I apologize if this has been answered before but doing a search for Weapon Focus and combination feat understandably didn't narrow the results very well.


(Edit) A second observation: Only the triggering damage need be slashing. The initial damage can be anything from a bludgeoning weapon to a wand of magic missile.

blahpers wrote:

cool thanks :)

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