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So Investigators are really neat. I had actually been building an Alchemist with Pathfinder Agent/Scrolls archetypes. Reading over investigator, I realized that by taking alchemist dip I basically end up with a 80% better than Alchemist alchemist. With the various study/targeting/damage stuff, and the dedicated Elixir stuff (yahoo conditional buff!) and with the Master profiency in weapons and better choices.

That I can more or less make a really neat Alchemist out of Investigator.
the InT elixirs for buff (like Eye, cheetah elixir, stuff like that). Then Lvx2 items (bombs perhaps, free healing. lower level poisons)

You won't get the max level Alchemical Items of course, though with studied damage it might work out, since most of the bomb's effects are on hit anyway.
Also with the way studied damage works, I could actuallly swing a Shuriken-Bomb investigator! Would love to get a Shuriken and Whip profiency.
how cool does that sound?
--Was anyone else surprised that they don't get Whip profiency?

Sadly poisons won't really keep up great with this alch dip method, but that's fine enough. Stil might be amusing to poison up a few shuriken for say a caster.

I'm really l ooking forward to building this now. Has anyone else thought about the Alchemist dip? Or shuriken/whip?

It seems like the extra skills, untrained ability, investigation ability, and studied combat stuffs will pretty much give you a framework for an pretty fun alchemist.

I don't think bombs are a great option for them.

Main reason would be that you would be eternally "trained" in bombs. The only other alternative for them would be to also pick up fighter and the level 14 feat of the fighter to get to expert. By that level, you are already Master in shortbows and simple weapons for free.

So, you'd have to spend a ton of feats, and still be worse, for the upside of the debuffs on a limited amount of bombs per day.

Plus, you'd have to spend even more feats to grab quick bomber if you want to have any sort of action economy, since you are already losing an action every round to Study.

Going into Alchemist MC for the utility potions (visions, disquises, the occasional heal, speed, etc) and keeping your own "alchemy" for stuff like on level mutagens, emergency heals, a high level utility potion, and such, and simply use your shortbow, would imo work better overall.

Same for shuriken.

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