The Case of the Missing Sword... Cane

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Really excited about Investigator and seeing them in action, I'm actually building one right now for a one-shot we'll be running! Though, unless I'm missing something glaringly obvious I can't seem to find sword canes anywhere in PF2 thus far. I perused the AoN and core book, checked the Character guide... Did I fail my perception check or is this something that's to be added in the actual APG that snuck in with no reference?

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There aren't any sword canes yet. They might come when the APG actually launches though.

AFAIK its not included. Oddly I was expecting that, and a few other things to be included in the playtest. Also oddly thought they'd have a few more elixirs or alch items in the playtest too.

I haven't f ound the canesword anyway. I hope its more finesse/agily than it was in the first edition stuff. I love the agile lithe sword canes more than the beefy sword cans in media

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I would like the stats on the sword cane so we can see how OP hiding a SWORD in your walking stick is, surprising everyone when you pull it out and accuse the magistrate of being corrupt...

I'd just run it as a Short Sword and Scabbard that effectively has Glamoured on it.

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A sword cane is basically a rapier without the fancy handle. I'd go:

2 gp
1d6 P
1 bulk
1 hands
Sword group
Deadly d6 - not quite as stabby as a rapier

You can draw the sword and attack an adjacent target at -4 as a single action.

DC 20 to detect the sword.

More complicated::: - You can be holding the wood cane/scabbard after you draw the sword and use it for an off hand weapon to attack or parry. Make it a club with Parry?

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