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This was released just in time for a Fall of Plaguestone game I was in tonight. I hurriedly converted a fire domain cloistered cleric over, so I didn't have all that much time to mull over the options, plus I know this will never get past level 3. Also this is the first spellcaster I've played in PF2.

The other characters in the party are a fighter, monk, and ranger.

Human Acolyte Flame Oracle
STR 10, DEX 14, CON 12, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 18
I got Religion, Acrobatics, and Intimidate from the class, and also trained Medicine, Arcana, and Occultism.
I took the fire domain, Divine Element with my class feat, and picked up Battle Medicine and Reach Spell with my human heritage and feat.

So, that's a lot of fire. Maybe if I did it again, I'd take the sun domain or a different feat for more variety, but I decided to stick with it because there's not actually such a thing as too much fire. My other 1st level spell was heal, and among my cantrips I grabbed daze for fire-resistant creatures.

In the wagon attack, I hit a wolf with produce flame, then burning hands on the boss wolf and another (one-shotting the weaker wolf). The boss would have been a good target for fire ray, but I stopped to Battle Medicine the fighter after he took a bad hit. The wolves were dead next turn, and I never used a revelation spell to start my curse. That's the only fight of any significance we had tonight.

So, I have a somewhat overkill mix of fire attacks with a cantrip, focus/revelation spell, and area attack spell. And incendiary aura seems like a great combo with fire spells (anyone who takes fire damage within 10 feet of you catches on fire). But I didn't find an opportunity to use it in the first fight. I'm really not sure when I would. I don't want to get within 10 feet of anybody unless I'm casting burning hands. I could cast it at the start of a fight and look for opportunities to run forward and light someone up at the edge of a fight, but then there's the problem of that it's a revelation spell. Once I use my first revelation spell of the day, my curse begins, and I can only cast one revelation spell per fight after that. I'm generally going to want to save that for fire ray, or dazzling flash for the sun domain.

I'll keep reporting as we go. Can't comment on the curse yet, so for right now, it's a fun magical nuker but incendiary aura looks to be really hard to use at low levels.

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Should have been a Charhide Goblin with Burn it! to pump those numbers up! Honestly, Flame Oracles look like great nukers with lots of great potential.

I'm currently running a Fall of Plaguestone adventure myself, and while I won't give anything away, just know that you'll probably really shine in the later acts.

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Week 2!

Mostly investigation this week. Still, there was some fighting. I made a determined effort to use my revelation spells this time.

First fight was a group of bloodseekers. This seemed like a good time for incendiary aura, since I knew they were going to come straight for us. Unfortunately, they didn't have enough hp to even get to take the persistent damage. Minor curse now activated.

Next was a boar fight. We started about 70' or so away from it, so it was concealed from me. I didn't want to risk wasting fire ray. So I spent two actions to get closer and my last to try to Demoralize it, failing even without the -4. Next round, the ranger's badger was down, so I stabilized it. Next round, the fighter was down and the boar was running on ferocity, so I finished it off with fire ray. Crit too, which was pointless but satisfying.

The curse and my revelation spell are clearly pushing me forward into near-melee, but I'm a pyromancer and want maxed Charisma, leaving my AC pretty weak. Concealment from the moderate curse helps, but I don't think it's enough. I'm really missing medium armor right now. I'd like the revelation spells to have more oomph to make up for the gameplay changes they force on me. Flaming fusillade looks pretty good, and maybe fire ray will too once it has a chance to improve its damage compared to produce flame, but they're not so hot (pun retroactively intended) at level 1.

Gwaihir Scout wrote:
the boar was running on ferocity, so I finished it off with fire ray. Crit too, which was pointless but satisfying.

I can see your satisfaction! Was it tasty?

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Gwalhir Burnt The Bacon! ??

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