Welcome to the oracle playtest!

Oracle Playtest

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Hi, everyone! This is the forum for discussions on the oracle class for Pathfinder Second Edition! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say about this new class. So build up a character or an NPC, put them through their paces, and let me know what you love and what we might want to improve.

This thread will be the main place we post updates, announcements, clarification, and other information specific to the oracle class, so keep an eye here to get the latest news!

I may not be able to respond to every post personally, but I'll be watching and reading carefully through the entire playtest so we can take your play experience into account.

Have fun!

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Aaaaand our first clarification!

In the 16th-level Portentious Spell feat, the last sentence should read "Any creature that can see you and attempts to use a reaction triggered by your Cast a Spell activity takes a –2 circumstance penalty to attack rolls or skill checks made as part of the reaction."

And the greater revelation spell of the battle mystery is indeed heroic feat (not "borrow feat" as appears on page 17)

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There is a revelation spell that got orphaned from the feat that grants it! At 8th level, add the following feat to the options you can select from:

Debilitating Dichotomy Feat 8
You can give others a glimpse of the impossible conflicts and unchecked power that courses through your body. You learn the debilitating dichotomy revelation spell.

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Typo in the spellcasting class feature - the number of spells per day on the table is correct!

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The Greater Revelation feat accidentally got dropped in at the wrong level - it's currently a level 10 feat, but you can't start casting 6th-level revelations spells until 11th level. We will fix this in the final version. For now, you'll probably just want to treat it as a 12th-level feat (though you could take it at 10th so you can start slinging at 11th level).

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