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I used Magic Set Editor and an edited version of the Ander Style for DnD4 to create spellcards for all Cantrips currently available, making separate cards for heightened versions as well. Feel free to use them.

Unfortunately MSE screwed up card order during the export process, so you have to do some searching if you're looking for a specific spell :-)


I just finished the spell cards for all level 1 spells.

Please let me know if you find any errors on the cards.

All cards are one-sided and fit into regular Magic card sleeves. So aside from the cards' initial color coding (green being cantrips, gray being normal spells, red becoming focus spells and perhaps blue becoming separate cards for polymorph forms) you can use sleeves with colored backs to separate the different spell levels.

Hope you enjoy using the cards.

Level 1 Spells

Just finished Level 2 Spellcards including cards for the various animal polymorph forms.

Currently finished: Cantrips, Spell Level 1, Spell Level 2 - all including heightened versions.

Also included is the template for Magic Set Editor I created for the cards.


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