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A PC just got killed in the last session of my game and is making a new character. Long story short, it looks like they're probably playing a warpriest sacred fist.

Is there likely to be any big problem if I allow them to use the druid spell list instead of the cleric for concept reasons? I figure they get less buffs to apply with fervour - I'm just looking to see if there's anything unexpected I've missed.

Not much. There are polymorph spells but on a 6 level caster that's not a big deal, just fey form I & animal aspect probably. Utility rather than combat power. Frostbite, produce flame and pale flame may be of interest to them but don't break the game.

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That makes sense, thanks. Now I've just got to decide whether I'm replacing the spontaneous healing, and with what if so.

The Druid list is much weaker than the Cleric list, so this would be a notable nerf for the Warpriest. Not the least because Fervor'ed Divine Favor/Divine Power is somewhat of a cornerstone of the class.

One big problem here is that such a Wardruid™ would lean towards natural attacks, and thus has poor synergy with Sacred Fist.

Maybe the player would consider a natural attack build?

Feral champion would be a good fit here. For spontaneous casting I would leave it as cure spells, switching it to SNA like a druid would be weak on a 6/9 caster.

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The main problem with feral champion and the like is he just isn't interested in wildshape. He was playing a gnoll, so I think he wants to be human most of the time for this character.

If druid casting is a major nerf, I might give him the pre-errata flurry to compensate?

The other dps in the party is a by the book vanilla swashbuckler though, so I don't want him to stray too far in melee functionality from that if possible.

If you want to buff the sacred fist flurry, maybe just give it the unchained flurry instead. Not only is it a little better, but the math is smoother too.

Have you considered a nature fang druid, with the plant domain’s wooden fist?

What buffs are you looking to apply? All I can think of is Magic Fang and its greater counterpart, and you don't need them. Sacred Fist gets a Monk's unarmed strike ability, which has this in it.

A monk’s unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.

deuxhero wrote:
Sacred Fist gets a Monk's unarmed strike ability

No it doesn't. You only get IUS as a bonus feat and the scaling damage.

I'd say give him the Hunter spell list. I believe a Nature Fang Druid can get Aspect of the Beast as their first Slayer Talent (Ranger Combat Style I) right? That would help (and if he is willing to go Half-Orc instead of Human he can get a bite attack on top of that).

Forester Hunter might be the thing you're looking for?

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