Best PF modules you've played?


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My group are getting fairly close to finishing Kingmaker, and we might do some modules for a while before starting the next AP. I thought I'd ask the experts, what are your highest recommendations? Looking for 1e only.


I'm fond of The Harrowing. It's a bit unusual, and GREATLY enhanced by a physical copy of the deck, but it is not strictly speaking required.

If you plan on making it more of a mini-campaign, Murder's Mark contains the same initial key NPC.

That's cool. I figured there have to be some good adventures out there, and we actually have a Harrow deck, or GM bought one for Crimson Throne.

Any other favorites out there for people? We are generally drawn to a good compelling story, and a balanced mix of RP and combat.

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Midnight Mirror is a solid investigative/horror story, with interesting combat opportunities and a lot of opportunity to flesh out and build on RP seeds as your group enjoys. I had a lot of fun running that one, and my players seemed to enjoy it as well.

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If your group likes open campaigns driven by players, I would suggest you go for Ire of the Storm.

Have a look at the reviews. It is a wilderness adventure, with a lot of exploration and an interesting final dungeon. Quite complete module.

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