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Not sure if anyone can help with this but...

Should/can my level 2 group of PC’s attempt the Masks of the Living God’s campaign?

The product description says level 3 but it also indicates the events happen straight after the events of the Crypt of the Everflame campaign (which was designed for level 1’s). We just finished Crypt of the Everflame and we're just hit level 2.

Does this mean I should do a different campaign and get my PC's to level three before trying this campaign? Or should my 1 level 1 PCs be level 3 by the time they get to the end of the crypt of the everflame?

Any thoughts you guys had would be appreciated



The Exchange

im not sure how much XP you get from crypt, but mask does have travel time to add encounters to get them to 3rd.

I don't have the final data anymore, but I once checked Crypt of the Everflame and from what I recall there isn't enough explicit XP (things with a CR+direct XP rewards) to get to level 3 even if the PCs get everything there. I think the hypothetical max XP group was quite close level 3 and any GM that wanted to would tack on a story reward to the ending and get them there. As the above post says, random encounters can also fix it, though I think getting a level up off them comes off as a lot lamer than getting it from module completion.

Grand Lodge

There really is no reason for adhering to the rules so tightly.

1) Have them describe their training montage and just level them to three.

2)Run a PFS scenario and reflavor it a bit to level them.

3)Write your own travel scenario or prologue chapter.

4)Let them play it at 2 it can be done but it makes it pretty deadly. I have run it fine and a TPK

Hope that helps

Hi All.

Thanks for your responses, all helpful information.

Looks like there's plenty of ways to tackle it.



Silver Crusade

Here, listen to the first three episodes. They go into great depth about these three modules.

I don't know how to link outside sites, if someone wants to for me. Otherwise, just copy/paste.

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