NaNoWriMi 2: Ten Years Later


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Ten years ago, we did NaNoWriMi—National Novel Writing Minute—on this forum for the first time. Wanna do it again? If so, write as much of a novel as you can in one minute, then post it here. If you do, I will give you high praise and validation!

Rules and example from ten years ago:

Yes, you read that correctly. I wanted to do something to show solidarity with my NaNoWriMo friends, so I invented “NaNoWriMi.” You see how much of a novel you can write in a minute (hence the “Mi”), and then you abandon it forever. 1, 2, 3, go…

My "Novel Zero" was this:

Last Moon at Aggathor
by Mike Selinker
Today I am a man, thought Redclaw. I can give up enough of myself to make the change, day or night. The greater acommplishemnt is retaining enough of myself to change back.

Yes, that's how I spelled "accomplishment." You think I'm wasting precious seconds on spellchecking? I've concluded that the rule "You can finish your last sentence, but for God's sakes, be quick about it" may need to exist, but most people seem to get somewhere with 60 seconds from conception to (a sort of) conclusion.

Anyway, it's kinda taken off on my Facebook page ("novels" by Jason Bulmahn, Owen Stephens, Miranda Horner, and more), so I figured folks here might like in. I'll probably collect them somewhere afterward. Anybody want to climb on board the NaNoWriMi Express?


Lone Shark Games

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Here's my latest:
Blood Letters
by Mike Selinker
I'm not a vampire per se. More of a blood-drinker. Vampires have fangs. I didn't get so lucky. In fact, these loosey-goosey dentures really aren't helping matters.

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