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So you know how we have full page art for all the relevant NPCs and monsters in Pathfinder 2nd Edition Scendarios? Can we make that a thing for Starfinder Society also? I usually make my own art by either clipping it out of the page in Photoshop or finding something similar/from the bestiary on Google, but having it readily available in the scenario would make GM prep that much easier on me.

For that matter, having all stat blocks organized by encounter with the encounter rules and tactics as a seperate appendix would make it easier for me, as someone who often runs off a PDF, since then I can just print off the appenices and don't have to go flipping back and forth to cross reference different parts of the same document when a creature gets reused or whatever.

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As someone who has an *exceptionally* difficult time reading .pdf and run off a printed copy, can we have the pictures in the appendix like Absalom Initiation (so we don't HAVE to print it out, it's just nice to have) in future scenarios?

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Yeah, PFS2 has taken enormous steps forward with the useful appendices. Would be very nice to see that in Starfinder too.

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Agreed on all fronts!

I want to look at changing things up in Season 3, but for now, feedback is always important to hear!

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Thanks for listening! There were a lot of good changes in 2e and I hope we can see some of them make the jump to SFS sometime!

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