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First, I must use Alchemist's tools to use Quick Alchemy. The bandolier can only let me to quick draw the tools as part of the action, but no description of how to put it back, thus after I use Quick Alchemy, I would use one of my hand to hold the tools, while the other hand to hold the alchemy item.

However, after I learn Field Discovery, I can use one Quick Alchemy action to create more than one items. The problem is which hand can I hold the second item or even the third item? Can I hold more than one items with one hand? Or is the items appear in my bag?

Finally, I have only 3 actions. If I use Quick Alchemy action to create 3 bombs, and the bombs will be useless when my next turn begin. How can I use up all these bombs? I think it's not make sense if I must get feat to perfectly use my class feature.

To answer your first question, I'd say the extra items fall to the ground at your feet, since you can't hold them.

To answer the second, you have two options: You either take the level 4 feat Enduring Alchemy which extends the duration of your quick alchemy created items until the end of your next turn rather than the start or an ally picks up the dropped item and uses it themselves before the start of your next turn.

The alchemy toolkit includes pez/soda dispensers and little packets of pills and powders. So when you finish the quick alchemy, you don't have the toolkit in your hand.

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This is one of those big burning questions that has been in place since the Playtest that hasn't really been addressed yet.

The general consensus around these parts is that an Alchemist needs "access" to his tools but doesn't actually need to use or hold them for Quick Alchemy, meaning they just need to be on their person at the time.

As for what happens to the batched items, nobody can authoritatively say and it's up to general interpretation. I myself am going with the idea that any items beyond the number of hands you have are "automatically" stored on your person as part of the process of the Quick Alchemy once your hands are full. Having the items drop to the ground is simply too punitive IMO.

You could also get a haste effect from something which gives you an extra action to attack in which case you could throw 3 items. Also maybe you could get a reaction where you can throw it?

Just a thought.

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Yes, it's just silly to have the items you prepare fall to the ground. I'm sure they get stashed in one of your bandoliers, ready for use.

This said, the alchemist is the character class that needs the most love in the upcoming errata and clarifications.

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