Spell Perfection and Quicken Spell

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Can these 2 work together?

Yes (May depend on what level your perfect spell is depending on who you ask)

Yes. Note that the spell level of the quickened spell and all it's metamagics must be level 9 or lower before spell perfection is applied for spell perfection to work.

Assuming no metamagic cost reduction then a spell of up to 5th level may be quickened for free via spell perfection, yes. Oddly, a 6-level spellcaster (like a bard) with spell perfection has the same spell level limit on this as a full spellcaster.

Also if you have 1 spell you really like, the trait MAGICAL LINEAGE doesn't have the same restriction, so you could use it with Spell Perfection to quicken a (specific) 6th level spell.

(And as avr pointed out, you could do this as a 6th level caster).

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