Can you choose not to use passive class features?

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In my instance (but also applicable more generally), there are class features that I have that I don't wish to use that are not "as an x action". Can I choose not to use them?

Specifically, I am a Paladin Holy Tactician, taking an inquisitor multiclass up to the point of getting Solo Tactics. However, I have 9 WIS. Because of that, using the Inquisitor's Cunning Initiative or Monster Lore would actually put me at a negative. Can I choose simply not to use them?

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Unfortunately you can't choose not to take class features. This is an unusual circumstance, and the best you could do is pick an archetype that trades away Monster Lore and Cunning Initiative.

Yeah, take Living Grimoire. Depending on your Int, you might even get to use some spellcasting.

If the abilities were supernatural you could have chosen to never activate them, but I think extraordinary abilities are on by default.

Cool. That's sorta what I was hoping wasn't the case, but I'm definitely gonna look at Living Grimoire. Thanks a lot for the responses.

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