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So far for Elf Heritages we have:

Ancient Elf
Arctic Elf
Cavern Elf
Desert Elf
Seer Elf
Whisper Elf
Wood Elf

For all of these I get where the Heritage comes from and the Elven Ancestries where the heritages commonly appear. Except I am confused on Cavern Elf Heritage.
Is there a non-Drow Elf Ancestry that we haven't met yet that live in caverns in the Dark Lands? Is there a group over cavern dwelling Elves that didn't follow the Drow down there demonic path. Or is there a group of cavern dwelling Elves that didn't make it all the way to Jinin and instead stopped along the way and started living under ground? Either of these would be awesome and I would be excited to meet these Cavern Elves.

Or am I making this to complicated and Cavern Elf is the Heritage representing Drow?

And while we are on the topic I suspect we will eventually get Heritages for Drow, Sea Elves, and probably a Fae Elf as there was a decent amount of supporting rules for Fae Elves in 1st Edition. Any other Elf Heritages we are missing?

My guess is that drow are either going to be one of many ethnicities for cavern elves and when we hear 2e's take on the darklands we will see more ethnicities for elves or drow will be the term for all subterranean elves and the specific demon-cultist fleshwarp drow will be the ethnicity best-known by the surface.

Doesn't even have to be an entire ethnicity.

CRB page 39, Cavern Elf wrote:
You were born or spent many years in underground tunnels or caverns where light is scarce.

I figure Kyonin has as much subterranean area as anywhere else in Golarion, which is to say a lot. Spend too much time on long patrols there over enough years/decades and you shift from Woodland Elf to Cavern Elf. (Built a character on this premise.)

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None of the heritages are intended to be the one heritage to represent a particular variety of elf - if you are a drow, you could probably take your pick from cavern elf, seer elf or whisper elf.

Kyonin was my guess as well.

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Jinin seems like a very reasonable place to find cavern elves, to my mind. ^_^

Mordant Spire elves specifically mention cavern elf.

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