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Hey guys
Our group of 7 is losing a player, she is moving away. She would like to continue to game with us and Im willing to setup a camera and such. I was wondering if anybody has already done this and had any recommendations for software and hardware.

Thanks and I appreciate any help.

There are Roll20 and Discord, I believe. I have a remote player and we simply use a camera and a laptop. I run the audio through my entertainment center. It seems most players like the two online programs I mentioned, but we prefer the way we do it.

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My cousin did that one summer for a temporarily relocated party member. They did what DM Cal does. It worked quite alright for the gaming group. The person phoning in? Not so much - missed a lot of the side jokes and made the experience more stilted on their end, but they survived it and it was better than no game.

Use a good camera to improve things for the remote player. A good mic too.

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