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Hey, Team!

I am getting an xml error when I try to download the Age of Ashes player’s guide and the Torment and Legacy demo adventure from my digital content. Can you please look into those two files and see if something needs to be reset on my account for those? Thanks!

Customer Service Representative

Hello Paris,

I have tried these downloads from your account and had no problem opening them. This could be a machine error or a browser error. Please let us know if this issue is persisting for you. In the meantime I'll move this thread over to website feedback as they will have more knowledge on what could be going on.

Paizo Employee Software Developer

Hey, Paris!

Generally if you're getting an XML error message when trying to download a file, it's because the cache has expired but our internal system hasn't realized it. We're currently unsure of why this is, but you should be able to resolve the issue by clicking the "Having trouble?" link for the file you're attempting to download.

Clicking that link will force the file to be regenerated, and you should be able to download it then without issue.

Please let us know if you have further issues after attempting the above procedure!

Liberty's Edge Contributor

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The "Having trouble" link worked like a charm. I apologize for not checking that, first. Thank you for your help!

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