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I received my PB case subscription yesterday (thank you for releasing it).

I'm disappointed in a couple of things -- someone was lazy on the assembly line.

In one box I received 2 Dwarf Champions. In another box in the same brick, I found 2 Bugbear Maulers. In a second brick, there were 2 Kobold Spellcasters in the same box.

Yes, I expect duplicates but not in the same box. I think this is unfair, and I request 3 different minis.

The Goblin Village is great -- but the gate to the pig pen arrived broken, and the throne is badly bent (like it went into the package hot) and I'm not sure quality time with the hair dryer is going to unbend it -- but I will try.


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Hi a2fan, Paizo is the licencor of pathfinder battles, but not the producer. You would have to contact Wizkids for that, I beleive they have a program where you can send back defects for random replacements at the same rarity, but you would have to check their website for details.

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Here's the place to go:

(We have also passed on your comments to the appropriate product people at WizKids, and they'll bring it to the attention of the factory.)

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