Some additions and errata for Serpents of Scuttlecove, Dungeon #146

Savage Tide Adventure Path

I am only just starting this adventure so I may post more at a later date.

But this adventure carried no Affiliation Award side bar, and my PCs still need some assistance with building up their scores, so I went ahead and created the following.

Each of the following criterions grants an affiliation score modifier of +1.

Church of the Whirling Fury, The Dawn Council, Emerald Crest, and The Scarlet Brotherhood:
Destroy the Crimson Fleet pirate base and terminate Cold Captain Wyther with extreme prejudice

Emerald Crest:
Rescue the pirate captain Harliss Javell and recruit her into the Emerald Crest.

The Seekers:
Recover the Athrinoord Stone found in location H4 and donate it to a Seeker Chapterhouse.

Recover a serpent symbol and donate it to the Witchwardens in Sasserine for study.

Zelkarune’s Horns:
Capture the fiendish eye of the deep and return it to Sasserine alive for the arena, or slay the yuan-ti anathema and bring its corpse back to Sasserine as a trophy. Accomplishing both tasks nets PCs with this affiliation a +2 to their score.

Page 65: Vzorthys, the fiendish eye of the deep, has an Initiative of +4, not the +5 listed.

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