Devoted focus advices ( how to make it a decent lvl 10 class feat )


Hi there,

one of the feats that didn't convince me at all is the one which let your refocus 2 point every 10 minutes.

I am all for long days with few moments of rest, and because of this I think that a feat like this could be mandatory, and at the same time something which forbid a player to customize his character.

I mentioned the devote focus champion feat, but I know that every focus based class has his own counterpart.

However, my doubts are about the situation which could this create.

1) 1 single character with the feat could be at advantage or at disadvantage, depends how many time I give my party to rest, and how many time the party would like to rest.

2) on the other hand, with either everybody or nobody, It would probably be the same, apart from the fact that if all of then are going to take the feat, then they simply be 1 feat short.

That's why even though I'd like to use it, I feel that wouldn't be for the best.

I don't know if anybody else feels the same, but I am looking for suggestions.

Idk, like moving it to general feat, or baseline perk for every class. The latter will allow me to push them in a corner, and choose if they want to refocus or do something else in the 10 minutes they have.

It's a conditional bonus. Same as most feats. And I don't see champion or any other class being a "focus based class".
There may be focus based builds, but not the whole class.

But it's not worse than taking far shot and being stuck in narrow tunnels. Or Blind Fighting and always being able to see your enemy.

I have a character concept in mind that is going to feature a focus spell. For that build, the feat is very much worth it as it allows me to double-use that feature spell before refocussing regularly. I don't think it's going to be extremely useful to all, but there are definitely characters who will want it.

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Reminder that if you spend 2 Focus, then spend 20 minutes resting, you only get back 1 Focus. In order to Refocus, you must have spent at least 1 Focus since the last time you Refocused.

Something to keep in mind is that you must have spent at least 1 focus point before you can refocus again. So if you have a pool of 3, spend all 3, and then refocus to regain 1, you have to spend that 1 point before you can refocus again which basically reduces your pool to 1 point for that day. That's why the feats to regain more focus points can be really good.

the feat basically grants you one free focus spell per battle in *most* days.

what's wrong with it?

as others have pointed before, you CANNOT "refocus twice in a row" for 2 points of focus. So, without the feat, you're limited to just regaining 1
focus spell/battle regardless how many points you start the day with.

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