What would you do with Runescarred?


So I was looking at various things and i saw runscarred.
So originally I read and thought that Runescarred gave you nothing but focus spells. Which you could use decently since you could restore some points with time. but realized it wasn't that way.

So its 1/day spells of various levels (except cantrips which is as much as one wants). Cha based, trained casting only. (and ever, unless you have another caster class).

So what would folks do with it?
originally I got excited to snag it on my Alchemist. but realized Wizard is better-just because Hand of the Apprenteice would be a real fun trick with poisoned+wounding weapon as an opener. And perhaps tanglefoot if the DC is decent (would save me the bomb slots)
While runescarr's tanglefoot DC wouldn't be that bad as it still would incur the enemy's MAP to fix, but trained ever will make it pretty hard to actually hit

The extra armor property rune could be fun, though there aren't many options for it yet. The school warding could be good in the right campaign as well.

Overall I think it's a good option for just about anybody, though probably not arcane casters. Even for other casters though they can dip into the arcane list for some utility they may be missing. Tthink it would be best for martials though, since they're most in need of that extra utility.

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I kind of want to build Seoni as a Runescarred Sorcerer at the moment. She's already got so many tattoos, it just makes sense to me.

My thought is to combine it with either Champion or Monk, but probably Champion due to the charisma synergies.

Why? The proficiency of innate spells is equal to the highest spellcasting proficiency your character has. Champions are trained with divine spells, which progresses to expert at 9th level, and master at 17th. Compare that to an MC caster that gets expert at 12th, and master at 18th. Then add in that you get 4th, 5th, and 6th level spells 2 levels earlier - in other words, it seems like the quickest way of making a martial gish, of sorts. (Sure, you miss out on 7th and 8th level spells, but those only show up from level 18 onwards...)

Champion can also get a free weapon rune, so combine that with the living rune feat for all the free stuff :)

My personal thought is to make a Runescarred Champion that emphasises charisma, and takes most of the innate spell-granting tattoo feats from the recently released Inner Sea Character Guide, and maybe even the Irriseni Ice-Witch feat at level 13 for that extra 1/day Wall of Ice. Since you'll still be quite behind on what you can do with your spells, I figure that the best usage is to focus on flexible spells - in other words, illusions like Illusory Object and Illusory Creature. Shrink Item is also noteworthy, seeing as it lasts for 24 hours, but indefinitely if it is kept somewhere it can't expand. In other words, shrink everything, pack it tightly, bring it with you - and hide it behind your illusions.

Champion is also neat because it gives you access to some rather amazing focus spells, depending on what deity you worship. Sarenrae is pretty amazing for Dazzling Flash, but Shelyn is also pretty baller with Splash of Art. Regardless, there is plenty of customisation available - but I personally suspect that this is likely to be one of the quickest "gishes" to get online.

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Fighters and Barbarians are the classes I'd use it for mechanically. Gives you a bit of spellcasting without any pesky ability score prerequisites, just ignore spells with saving throws or counteract mechanics. 2 feats for Shield, Jump, False Life, and Haste is a decent trade to me. The later ones I'm a bit iffy on, but Warding Magic (evocation) will probably come up a lot if you need to get another dedication later.

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