Theories on who's behind the Crimson Oath?

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Here's mine:


Anyone got any others?

Silver Crusade

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I think it's ... VEILED MASTERS!

I say Unveiled Masters!

Arazni's almost too obvious to be it. Especially since she's somehow not mentioned as an in-setting theory, even though supposedly her old pre-Geb teachings were still followed by a rare few in Lastwall.

My bet is : no single entity, but a small alliance of deific powers.
The Ragathiel hints are strong as well, arguments could somewhat be made for a few others and really, what kind of do-gooder wouldn't oppose goold old TarB'.

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Arazni, maybe with some patronage from Ragathiel.

Or maybe the Crimson Oath isn't just a mortal construct, and represents a pantheon of sorts, like the Godclaw.

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Arazni is definitely involved in the organization who swear the Crimson Oath. I'm much less convinced she's the power source behind it.

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I mean given Arazni's aesthetic it seems a reasonable choice. Maybe Nocticula, but that seems far-fetched given that her color palette doesn't match and she has no real relation to the undead. It seems odd why a being like Ragathiel or Milani (another guess of mine) wouldn't just...claim responsibility.

Also Arazni feels more appropriate given the oath, so...

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The entity behind the Oath is said to be helping undeads that were turned against their will, and that's basically what happened to Arazni.

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