Needing help to select monsters


Ok so Saturday we're supposed to play but unfortunatly one of my players can't join in.
Since every one else still want to play their characters from this playthrough I'm coming up with something that is happening where they are now, which is a small town in Taldor that I made up for the occasion. It's supposed to last about 4 hours and they shouldn't die or be serioussly harmed or shackled.


The story is that a rather mad and evil person (always gotta start by one of them) decided that he wanted to die to a bogeyman as he wants to experiance the deepest fear he could imagine. Since he couldn't find a bogeyman to eat him, he decided to create one.

So one day, he kidnapped a pregnant woman of the countryside and locked her in the cellar of and abandoned farm he built his lair in. He then dropped strange trinkets in several houses in town, that would connect nearby persons to him. Some, he dropped them himself, others he had them dropped by burglars paid for the job. Then he'd do dark rituals that would instill fear and grow nightmares into his victims minds.

He would then recover the essence of his victim's fear, and inoculate it in the kidnapped woman's and his child-to-come's mind, in the hope that she'd give birth to the monster he's expecting.

My question is : what kind of monsters that are related to fear and nightmares could I add to this session ? Obviously I can't add a real bogeyman as it wouldn't make sense and anyway my PCs are 2 level 3 so they wouldn't stand a chance. I could add other evil fey but there are so many of them and I'm quite new to GMing pathfinder, that I need advices if I want to get this done by Saturday. I'm also pretty proud of my plot, I must admit, but I take any advice to enhance it !

Thank you for reading !

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I would think about taking ordinary creatures/people from the area and applying the Nightmare Creature template.

Dave Justus wrote:

I would think about taking ordinary creatures/people from the area and applying the Nightmare Creature template.

I didn't know that such templates existed !

I can even add some spice by having my vilain creating an elixir of nightmares and using it to transform things into nightmare creatures.

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