Animating a Frost Drake


Would you recommend raising a Frost Drake as a Fast Zombie, or Frostfallen, or even Bloody skeleton? All raised in an area of desecration and with corpse crafter and harden flesh.

Edit: Dm said the Cold from Ff would hurt a rider with out resistance.

Recently hit 5th lvl with wiz, necro, Undead Master. Who has corpse crafter and harden flesh from 3.5. The dm has ruled that skeleton and zombie natural armor stacks with the base creatures. It's a fairly permissive game, but he won't let me stack templates. Dm isn't excited about me getting a flying mount, but the other 6 players are all wizards(non necro) and will have access to fly spell next level anyway. So he says it's moot but expect more archers in the future.


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Skeleton of creatures that use wings to fly can't fly, so that would argue for a zombie option.

Depending on what you want to do, I could argue that a regular zombie might be better than a fast zombie. If you just want a flying platform that you cast spells from, the DR might be better than not being staggered and getting an extra attack.

Thanks. I'll have to think about it some.

Currently I have 5 bandits as 2hd skeletons. And a corpse companion who is a bloody skeleton with 2 fighter levels. Not that the Frost Drake would need a rider. But a couple of them could easily ride.

Would any of the 3 (skeleton, zombie, and Frostfallen) get to keep the breath weapon?

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Frostfallen keep special attacks. Zombies and Skeletons do not.

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I didn't talk about Frostfallen in my first post since your edit seemed to imply you had decided against it. Assuming you don't care about the cold damage, it is pretty clearly the superior option.

You can still add the Bloody Skeleton Template to a Zombie and still keep the Undead Creature as a Zombie rather than a skeleton. By RAW, it's up to your GM to allow this though. Personally, I'd allow it, but it's up to your GM.

Since some D&D 3.5 content is on the table, did you check with your GM about the Zombie Dragon template? That would keep the breath weapon along with its extraordinary special qualities.

What about the Awaken Undead spell? That would get back extraordinary abilities that were lost by turning it into another form of undead.

Thanks Dave. I understand. I was definitely thinking mount at first. Then I started rethinking. It's my first big toy. Who cares if I can ride it? But let some skeletons mount it and have some fun.

Ryze, sadly dm already said I can't stack templates. I was definitely think bloody zombie until he ruled.

Coidzor, that's a great idea. I'll ask him about that template. And definitely make the argument for fast dragon zombie. Is awaken undead in pathfinder or just 3.5? I'll definitely pick it up when I hit 13. Just hit 5th level.

Thanks all

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