Animal Companion for Grappling


So I was thinking about a druid who's companion grappled opponents to make the rest of the party's lives easier, and was wondering what magic items would best complement this idea. Since the companion is strangely shaped, it would only have the following slots:

Armor, belt*, chest, eyes, head, headband, neck, shoulders, wrist

*Technically, this slot only allows a saddle, but my group allows any belt.

Any help would be nice!

Maybe talk about level, gold to spend, and of course what kind of animal

Cavall wrote:
Maybe talk about level, gold to spend, and of course what kind of animal

What animal is part of what I'm asking about, I have no experience with druids.

As for level, I'd say level 9 and the appropriate wealth for the level (46000).

Well I know someone did a thread on a constrictor snake. But if I had to give advice it would be to think about being a Hunter instead. They can teach their pets skirmisher tricks (as if the pet was the ranger for the tricks) and some of them are decent to hamper people. Like vengeance strike.

Constrictors get Grab, and as early as level 4 get constrict.

That means you can attack and instantly turn any attack into a grapple check. With vengeance strike they don't even have to have it be their turn.

You would also get teamwork feats and hunters focus. With feats like coordinated maneuvers, you gain +2 to grapple.

Now go Fey Killer archetype. Why? Because you get both Bull AND Mongoose focus. By the time you hit 8th level, that's +6 more and a bunch of extra damage.

Downside? Snakes are dumb. Invest in intelligence. You need +2 so just headband it if you can. That allows ot to gain all sorts of other feats.

Dirty fighting feat, improved grapple and broken wing gambit to make those people attacking your pet take strikes from you and allies with the same feat. Done.

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