Courtier Archetype and 7 New Skill Feats focused on Social Encounters:

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Courtier Archetype and 7 New Social Feats

Hi, i am Michael Alves, a Brazilian Game designer.

In this article, I bring a new Archetype, and seven new Feats, for characters interested in dealing with social encounters, high-society, and court intrigue. -pf2e-compatible

The Courtier archetype is created to be usable by any class to give interesting and useful abilities related to being part of the high-society and having skills in court politics.

The design intent was that the archetype would be useful for any kind of base class that wants to delve into being a Courtier. Be it to make a Noble Knight that deals with the politics of the court, being a Fighter, or a scheming conspirator trying to win favors by underhanded tactics and honey-glazed words, being a Rogue.

The idea is that it opens many possible character ideas by adding the concept of "high society" or "court specialist". It is also useful to noble NPC's, and to create bureaucrats and diplomats.

And the seven new Skill Feats, are focused on opening more diversity to characters that want to specialize in social encounters or to just delve a bit into it.

I will be waiting for suggestions on improvements, as all critiques and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Link to the Article:
PF2E - Casters Vs Martials: The Sage Answer

Critiques and suggestions will be appreciated.
I will update the article if the discussion here provides more accurate information in any aspect.

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Mellored wrote:

Thank you Mellored, I forgot to make use of url tag to turn it into an actual link.

If you end up giving it a look, I would greatly appreciate your feedback to improve it.

Small update to it:

Fixed two small issues of the final revision.

1- Imposing Figure should had been +1 circumstance to your CA, and not -1 to enemy attacks. I changed it during the final revision for flavor but I forgot about the stacking bonus. It was too powerful as it was written before. Now it is more on par with its level.

2- The max number of extra saves against confusion effects on Motivating Words should be one, so I made it more clear.

I will be making a revision of each of the archetypes and feats on the start of next week.

If anyone has any critiques and suggestions, it would be very much appreciated, as I want to place this article on a finished, revised and ready to play status.

Thank you all. =D

Revised version of the article is online! -pf2e-compatible

All the feedback received on Reddit, Facebook and here was taken into account, and I revised the Archetype.

All feedback will be appreciated.

Soon I will be releasing more new content. =D
(I accept suggestions on PF2E content to make.)

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