Using Charisma for Sense Motive



I am trying to find a way to use my character's Charisma modifier instead of Wisdom for Sense Motive checks. Is there a Trait or Feat that would allow me to do this? I have been told by the DM that 3rd Party is allowed.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Versatile Performance?

My apologies. I should have been more clear. I am playing a Swashbuckler. Is there a way beyond multiclassing?

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How about Variant Multiclassing? It costs you half your feats but no class levels. You would get Versatile Performance in place of your 11th level feat (a bit late, I know).

I think your best be might be to select traits, feats, and other things that boost your Sense Motive checks directly. There are several magic items that give you a +5 competence bonus to Sense Motive, so one of those on its own is probably more valuable to you than something that switches the stat mod on a skill.

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