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I was thinking about changing from redeemer to paladin, while maintaining the same god, alignment.

How could this happen in terms of rules?

Can't find anything about champion.

Shelyn allows any good alignment so it is perfect.

If you changed cause you'd have to change alignment at the same time.

CRB page 106, Champion, Deity and Cause wrote:
Your cause must match your alignment exactly.

Beyond that it's just an application of retraining AFAICT.

CRB page 501, Retraining wrote:
It's reasonable for a character to retrain most choices, and you should allow them. Only choices that are truly intrinsic to the character, like a sorcerer's bloodline, should be off limits without extraordinary circumstances.

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As a GM,

- if a champion character has acted according to a new alignement sufficiently much to warrant a change of his alignment (very much a GM-decision), I'd not let him use his alignment specific powers anymore until he has retrained to the new cause, and

- I'd not let him retrain until he has actually changed his alignment.

So, in all, changing your cause will come with a period of being able to use neither your old nor your new powers.

I'd probably not require any additional "reconfirmation", though most players I know would likely want to go on a cause-specific quest to act out this change of mind roleplaying-wise.

The rp part could be anything.

I am, as my group, simply new to the system and are trying things out, like dedications, how actions works, skills and DCs, and so on.

The retrain stuff is simply part of it.

About sorcerer bloodline, it could be simply like adopted ancestry.

I would allow it, but Mainly because the alternative is to reroll another character. So, maybe it would be better to stick with an old one with different traits.

My group, still being new to the new mechanics basically just has an agreement that we can change anything for free without retraining as long as it isn't particularly central to your character, but we also trust each other not to abuse and realize that we're each just trying to find the mechanics that best represent the kind of character we have in our minds.

That means, for instance you could have started out as fighter, but decide that what you really wanted was the hunt prey mechanic of the ranger and to two weapon fight and switch between classes in between play session.

It's more just a thing to not lock people into mechanics they didn't understand or realized something works better for their concept and feel trapped.

You have outward character continuity without punishing players.

Eventually this will go away, and if someone abuses it (GM discretion) they will be asked to make their character back to the original, but that hasn't come up for our group since we all understand the limits.

Noe of which is a rules based answer, but potentially something to discuss with your GM.

That is fun.

Also it could be seen totally fine if you think about a character and not about classes.
You used a shield, then moved on 2 weapons or bow.

Without thinking from warrior to ranger.

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