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My new Skittermander Spy Operative, Swabby, is an actor and make up artist on the big, new vidshow Pirates of the Veskarium. Our show features space pirates from the Veskarium, the Pact Worlds, and beyond! Who else would/should join our crew? Bonus rank for suggesting names for our vessel!

Second Seekers (Jadnura) 3/5 ⦵⦵⦵

Månesigd (the alias I'm currently posting from) is a vesk space pirate envoy with a viking theme, wielding handaxes and fighting for the proletariat... she and her crew used to have their own custom starlongship, which was lost during the first raid on the Scoured Stars. Having since been rescued (and getting on another ship and rescuing other people), she's been fighting alongside various Starfinder agents and trying to reassemble her crew.


If yer looking for talent skittermander....I got it in spades i'm the hot new rising star in the wayfinders under the tutlage of zo! himself. I can act,I do my own stunts *he then shows his free captians brand* and i got the street cred to play a space pirate ligit. So hit me up and this space cowboy can make your show 20 percent cooler.

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