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I have placed several orders over the past month and have a few issues.

Order 8172646 (pawn sub) moved to 8195049
Order 8187251 was moved to 8195048.
Order 8192360 moved to 8195048
Order 8199220 moved to 8199416.
I assume the orders were moved as I requested shipment instead of holding for my subscription but they all have a "C" on the new order and no shipping details.
Where these orders canceled, held, shipped or what? I want these items ASAP.

Order 8177671 appears to be lost in transit. How are lost packages handled?

Additionally, I haven't received an email for any order since my first order back on Sept 13th nor have I received a response to my customer service email sent 3 weeks ago. I have checked my spam folder and there are no emails from Paizo there either.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I'd like to place another order but I would like to get these resolved first.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Rivsung,

Several of your orders were experiencing some pretty sever technical errors. I think I have recovered most of them and sent you a confirmation email for all the items that were held up and ready to ship. I have waived the shipping costs for the order due to the delay.

When a package is lost we typically set up a replacement to ship with your next subscription shipment. I have done this and the replacements for the lost package will be shipped along with the subscription items we will be generating soon.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

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