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I have questions that both involve saves, an other spells that allow saves for half and resistance and blinking. The first is does a character that saves take 25% damage form a spell? Blinking states that Blinking characters take half damage from aoe spells, and saving deals half damage.

The other is if you save does resistance reduce the damage before or after the save?

Blinking Character in area for Fireball. Fireball deals 85 Damage and they save. Do they take 21 or 42 points of damage.

Character has resistance 30 fire. They save vs 85 damage fireball. Do they take 22 or 12 damage.

Last Examle. Bliniing, resistance 30, save. Do they take nothing or 11 points of damage?

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If blinking, they take half (42). If they save, they take one-quarter (21).
Then you apply resistance, which can bring it to zero.

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